Monday, September 28, 2009

Mozilla Labs Design Challenge: Weave Web UI


To provide intuitive and useful visual representations of the browser data such as:

  • Bookmarks
  • History
  • Tabs
  • Stored Credentials
Hello everyone,

I am not a very good designer, but I have some good ideas for representing the History of Webpages and the Bookmarks.

Representing History:

I believe the best way to present the browsed webpages is through the display of thumbnails, as is also suggested in Contextual Web History: Using Visual and Contextual Cues to Improve Web Browser History. So the webpages in the history should be arranged from the most recent to the oldest one. Same kind of representation is shown in Chrome and Safari, except Safari looks more elegant.

So here is my idea of how the History of the Web Browser should look like:

In this interface, the webpages which have been visited in the past are displayed as big thumbnails. The webpages are arranged from the most recent ones to the oldest ones. The smaller thumbnails at the bottom show the webpages of the Website that is currently selected(the one which appears as the bigger thumbnail).

The other way is to use the search option. The users can type keywords and the search will display results related to those keywords. The result will consist of a listing of the related websites along with a brief text description which will show those keywords in bold.

Displaying Bookmarks:

The following is the way in which I think the bookmarks should be displayed. It again uses the concept of displaying it as thumbnails.

The tabs at the bottom allow the user to access to the important websites immediately. They can be added or deleted using the edit option. The main bookmarks can also be added or subtracted using the edit option, given beside the "My favorite bookmarks" menu.The combo button allows the user to select the desired bookmark folder, which consequently shows the bookmarks of that folder(My favorite bookmarks is the default folder).

The following figure shows the way in which bookmarks can be added to the "Quick Links":

Synchronizing the bookmarks, history:

I believe the best way to synchronize the history, bookmarks across multiple devices would by creating an online Mozilla Firefox Database system, which will store the user's bookmarks and history. So it will be like this, there should be a login window that should appear every time the user accesses Firefox, and after entering the credentials the user will have access to all his/her bookmarks and history. The only shortcoming of this would be that the users need to have Mozilla Firefox Browser in the devices that they will be using. But the advantage is huge, keeping their stuff online will allow them to have access to it wherever and whenever they want.

Thanks, for viewing my designs, hope you like it. Feedbacks are always welcome.

Created by:

Shubham Sinha

Auckland International College